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Última festa antes da pausa em Agosto, que este ano também significa preparação de uma série de novas edições. Blacksea Não Maya, DJ Maboku e Niagara são clássicos nestas festas, mas se pensam que já ouviram tudo, dizemos apenas que o seu ritmo de produção não abranda e há sempre toneladas de sons novos para celebrar! E sempre sempre no  Musicbox na baixa lisboeta.

Last party before the customary August break and this year it means preparation of a few more releases as well. All three acts are long time standards in these parties: Blacksea Não Maya, DJ Maboku and Niagara. But if you think you’ve heard it all, we’ll just say their creative output is ever increasing and there’s always tons of new sounds. We love to celebrate that! Always at  Musicbox in downtown Lisbon.

Noite Principe_Julho 2014


TINY MIX TAPES_Tia Maria preview

By Hugh W

The incredible Príncipe imprint has been releasing remarkable experimental Afro-Portuguese dance music over the last year. With releases from artists such as TMT favorites DJ Marfox (whose recent Lucky Punch EP landed in our EUREKA! section) and DJ Nigga Fox, the label has done a great deal to expand the audience for these musical styles, which have grown out of the ghettos of Lisbon, from local to global. Their latest release comes from a crew of producers 20 years old and younger who operate under the moniker Tia Maria Produções. Composed of Puto Márcio, DJ B.Boy, DJ Télio, and DJ Lycox, their debut EP is called Tá Tipo Já Não Vamos Morer, which translates to “It’s like we won’t die anymore.” It’s out in July, and like all Príncipe releases, it comes in an individually hand-painted sleeve.


RA_Tia Maria preview

By Aaron Coultate

Led by 20-year-old Puto Márcio, the Tia Maria crew also features three teenagers: 19-year-old DJ B.Boy, and DJ Télio and DJ Lycox, both 17. Unlike many Lisbon music crews, they’re not bound by neighbourhood; Márcio comes from north Lisbon, while the other three come from the city’s south. (Both Márcio and Lycox are both living in France these days.)
The EP’s title translates as “It’s like we won’t die anymore.” In keeping with Príncipe’s M.O., the record is wilfully adventurous, combining furious percussion, marimba rhythms, colourful bleeps and vocal snippets.
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