NOITE PRÍNCIPE #12 in February 2013: photos 2

Photos of the 1st anniversary of our parties at Musicbox in old downtown Lisbon. Pics by Carlos Moreira. Hold cursor over each image for description. There was a cake and this time a real live dance + mc crew (Pupilos do Kuduro) .This is dedicated to everyone that’s in these pictures, who mostly are the DJs and producers who were fundamental for this beautiful thing to grow and open our ears to amazing afro rhythms (don’t think only kuduro, there are things we heard that we can’t quite describe). We are prowd of you. Thank you guys!

1st Anniversay on the big screen


Pedro from Principe lights up THE CAKE

Hard workers from Principe slightly warped

Marcio from Principe watches from the background

Mixed crews_Maboku Firmeza Joker Kolt and Liofox

Stage overload_YEAH

Stage celebration with PDK and some of the guys

Pupilos do Kuduro in front of stage

Pupilos do Kuduro in front of stage 2

Pupilos do Kuduro 2

Pupilos do Kuduro

DJ Joker with friend

Marfox and Fox

Nelson and Marfox_No youre theguy

Maboku and Lilocox



Firmeza and Nervoso

Nervoso and Liofox

DJ Firmeza

DJ Liofox

Kolt and Joker

Joker and Kolt

DJ Kolt

Nervoso and Marfox b2b




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