NOITE PRÍNCIPE #13 in March 2013: photos

Lucky 13, what a party! DJ Liofox (PDDG), DJ Joker (BNM) and DJ Marfox were the hit squad this time. Plenty of guys and gals, colours and shapes, blessed. As always at Musicbox in old downtown Lisbon. Pics by Carlos Moreira. Hold cursor over each image for description.

Pedro from Principe gives his blessing

Marcio from Principe helps install Liofox

DJ Liofox 3

DJ Liofox

DJ Liofox 2

Marfox and fans


Friends 2



Kolt was there

Nigga Fox and Kolt

Liofox and friends

DJ Joker and DJ Liofox

DJ Joker

DJ Joker, est. 1948

Quiet moment

Quiet moment 2


Crowd 2

Crowd 3


Crowd 4

Dance like a zombie

DJ Marfox and DJ Liofox

Kolt and DJ Marfox

DJ Marfox

DJ Marfox in full video mode


Classic nightshot


Cheering 2

Showing some moves

THE move

Tight dancers


Losing control

Hands in the air


Marfox receives praise

Happy End



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