DJ’S Do Guetto Vol. 1 spotlight on AKWAABA

The re-release of “DJ’S do Guetto Vol.1” was honoured by Benjamin Lebrave, who wrote the text below for the Akwaaba Music website. Check the words or see the full feature here.

Benjamin Lebrave

Benjamin Lebrave

“I don’t hate Elvis Presley. But if I were to explore the early days of rock’n’roll, he is not an artist I would spend much time on. Conversely, this post takes a minute away from Lisbon’s kuduro usual suspects, to focus on the underground artists that kept the crowds bumping, at a time when kuduro spread its wings in Portugal. Let’s go back to 2006, when the world discovered the term kuduro via Frédéric Galliano and Buraka Som Sistema‘s work.

I had some very interesting conversations about a year ago with DJ Marfox and the crew at Príncipe Discos, an outlet for dance music of the highest caliber based in Lisbon. The convo gave birth to a piece I wrote for This Is Africa, which essentially looked into how the various Lusophone sounds melted together in Lisbon, or more precisely, in its periphery.

While Buraka may be responsible for introducing the term kuduro to a wide global audience, it is heads like DJs Marfox, Nervoso, N.K., Fofuxo, Pausas and Jesse who spread their electronic, often kuduro-based sound at home. First throughout Lisbon’s periphery, and more recently, with their successful Noite Príncipe parties, to the center of Lisbon, and along with it, to the media and Portugal as a whole.

This comp comes days after Marfox’ impressive free Tarraxinha compilation, and is yet another important chapter in the history of electronic music in Portugal and the Lusophone world as a whole. Much respect to the Príncipe crew for giving us a chance to get schooled.”



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