Curta antevisão do EP das crews Blacksea Não Maya e Piquenos DJs Do Guetto para o Global Bass Experience. Cliquem no título abaixo para ler em contexto.

The Global Bass Experience with a short anticipation of P005, an EP split between the Blacksea Não Maya and Piquenos DJs Do Guetto crews. Click the title below to read in context.

New Príncipe release – B.N.M. / P.D.D.G. ‘s/t’‏

By El Guero Unico

Príncipe has turned me on to a lot of great music this year. If there was one event this year that stands out among all others, it would easily be Principe’s DJ’s arrival onto the music blogosphere.
Zouk Bass was the craze that made it all happen, at least for me. While being well aware and a collector of actual Zouk music Tarraxinha was new to me. I’ve brought this up a few times before. We actually started The Global Bass Experience right around that time. Being turned on to these DJ’s and producers from Lisbon beefed up my collection of music I felt to be innovative.
Early December 2013 will see the official release of the 12″ vinyl and digital B.N.M. / P.D.D.G. (BLACKSEA NÃO MAYA / PIQUENOS DJs DO GUETTO). The record release party was held on the 22nd in Lisbon at “Noite Principe” at Musicbox. All the DJ’s involved played a set for the release party. There fortunately are samples online for us to hear what will come on the record.



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