P005: Album Of The Month for CONTROL VOLTAGE / SPIN

Topo da página e título de Álbum Do Mês para o EP de Blacksea Não Maya / Piquenos DJs Do Guetto. Uau! Cliquem na imagem abaixo para ler o resto da crítica e o artigo completo.

Top of the page and Album Of The Month title for the Blacksea Não Maya / Piquenos DJs Do Guetto EP. Wow! Click scan below to read the full review and column.


By Philip Sherburne

What they all share in common are resonant sampled percussion, loping polyrhythms, and an exceptionally porous sense of texture; scraps of accordion and voice flutter like laundry in the breeze. The plucked electric bass and fluttering congas of DJ Kolt’s “Afrooloove” evoke darting moths and dripping faucets, and Noronha’s “Africa Congo” mirrors staccato organ melody with stuttering hand percussion and machine snares, while Maboku’s similarly pointillist “Instrumental Pe” daubs flute synths over drums that land like fat, scattered raindrops. Mobuku, Lilocox, and Firmeza’s “O Vento de Uma Verdadera Amizade” is the record’s most outwardly emotional song, with lilting accordion melodies played against lithe synth fillips and tinny brass stabs — it brings to mind Doctor Rockit’s “Café de Flore” as reimagined by DJ Mujava — but Firmeza’s solo tracks are entirely different. “Dedicado ao Projecto Príncipe” pairs jubilant shouts and yelps with wildly syncopated and pitch-shifted toms, and the shuffling “Remeche as Coisas” is a slow-motion swirl of hand drums and hiccups in 6/8 time. DJ Perigoso’s “Dia da Moka” and “Decaléé” are the most disorienting songs on the record, dissonant and soaked in echo, and recasting techno futurism in corrugated tin and pirated electric current.



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