4/5 review of the Blacksea Não Maya / Piquenos DJs do Guetto split EP, in time for a merrier Christmas! Click header below to read the full review.

4 em 5 para o EP de Blacksea Não Maya / Piquenos DJs do Guetto, mesmo a tempo de um Natal mais feliz! Cliquem na imagem abaixo para ler o artigo completo.


By Andrew Ryce

These two crews use familiar sounds, sure, but they put them together in uncommon and often surprising ways. Their tracks have curiously spacious atmospherics—despite the crowded structures. DJ Kolt’s “Afrooloove” feels huge and roomy, with plenty of hand percussion lolling around behind the track’s gentle skip-and-strum. It’s built with wacky synth sounds, rowdy vocals and unsteady rhythms, and often feels like some tribal ritual from a lost culture. The drums on DJ Noronha’s tunes sound as if they were played live on drum machine pads, especially the feverish “Africa Congo,” which is banged out with a hard-to-pin-down swing that that gives them an off-time quality.

Comparisons have been made between the music’s fiercely local nature and that of grime, and there are some similarities. DJ Perigoso’s tracks have a certain snap that we often associate with the resurgent UK genre, while DJ Maboku’s “Instrumental P” has grime-style sounds—MIDI strings and flutes—cast in a tropical new light. But you won’t get much further with comparisons here. Try to find something else that sounds like DJ Firmeza’s “Dedicado Projecto Príncipe,” with its fathoms-deep bassline and delirious vocal gasps. Even more impressive is how he follows it with a track that’s all prettied-up with chimes, an elegiac counterpart to its wild predecessor.

The heart of Príncipe is its tight, sometimes confusing fusion of disparate styles, which is made literal when these crews come together to play the label’s club night in downtown Lisbon. This EP proves that even if they come from different parts of the city, the Lisbon scene’s adventurous and restless energy spreads out in all directions.



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