P005 highlighted on FOREIGN EXCHANGE (Chicago)

O colectivo Foreign Exchange, baseado em Chicago, mostra amor pelo EP de Blacksea Não Maya e Piquenos DJs Do Guetto. Tocar pessoal em Chicago sabe extra bem por toda a história House que respeitamos. Cliquem no scan abaixo para aceder ao artigo completo.

The Foreign Exchange collective shows love for the BNM / PDDG EP. Touching people in Chicago feels special because of the whole House legacy we respect. Click scan below to access the whole piece.


By NewLife

New heat alert coming out of Portugal from Principe Discos. I found out about them a number of months ago during one of my online “dig” sessions. I really appreciate the raw feel these tracks all have… almost a raw old-school Chicago House feel to me. Like old school house, they aren’t over produced and have a sound that’s just right for the dance floor. Instead of a soulful house vibe you’ll hear strong African undertones due to the music’s origins and the large number of Angolan/African immigrants in the greater Lisbon metro area. The Western influence is also very present in the tracks.



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