PITCHFORK reviews “O Vento Uma Verdadeira Amizade”

“O Vento Uma Verdadeira Amizade”, tirada da nossa edição P005, é comentada na Pitchfork. Cliquem no scan abaixo para ler em contexto e ouvir a canção completa.

“O Vento Uma Verdadeira Amizade”, taken from P005, reviewed on Pitchfork. Click scan below to read in context and listen to the full song.


By Andy Beta

Digital bandoneón and brass wheezes along, a snare skips, with digital bloops skirting about the spare and breezy rhythm. It’s as strange and spacious as early grime, yet suffused with tropical warmth. But instead of thinking it “tropical grime,” maybe think of it as “sand.”



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