DJ MARFOX mix and Q&A for DAZED

A DAZED publica um questionário feito a DJ Marfox! Cliquem na imagem para ler o artigo completo e ouvir a mix.

DAZED publishes a sweet feature on DJ Marfox! Click image to read in full and listen to the mix.


By Sian Dolding

Dazed Digital: Tell us about your background and what you’re about?

DJ Marfox: Marfox is a mix of many things and that shows in my tracks and in the way I DJ for the dancefloor. It’s a coming together of ideas as I like to unite things, making my music unique and supporting the identity of Lisbon Kuduro, my hometown.

DD: What’s the vibe for this mix? What genres are you mixing together here?

DJ Marfox: The essential vibe is to show in 27 minutes how hot this music is and how it can set a dancefloor on fire, then it’s also about showcasing my unreleased tracks. In terms of genre it’s the Lisbon Kuduro, ‘Batida’ or ‘Batucada’.

DD: How would you describe the sound coming out of Lisbon right now?

DJ Marfox: The sound coming out of Lisbon, first and foremost, has an identity. You’ve got amazing variety among the producers. It has dynamics, it’s really danceable and extremely hot, it’s not a fad or trend, nor do we want it to become a trend, it’s a lifestyle, a different view to see the world. I don’t see this sound dying out in the long run.

DD: Why the ‘fox’ name tag? Are you part of a larger group?

DJ Marfox: My name Marfox is born out of the long afternoons spent playing the Nintendo 64 game Star Fox. The addiction to it was so enormously widespread that a pun arose in the ghetto where I lived where you would take out three or four letters of your name and replace it with the word ‘fox’. So my name is Marlon and I took out the three final words and it became Marfox.

I’m gonna acquiesce to that idea that I let loose so many foxes. I’m the first DJ of Lisbon to use the name ‘fox’ (in the kuduro/batida scene). The expansion of ‘fox’ just took off due to people appreciating the music, many of them got acquainted with my music at an early age and I ended up having an influence on their lives as producers and DJs.

DD: What’s next for you and Lit City? What made you choose that label to release through?

DJ Marfox: Choosing Lit City was easy, they have a similar way of thinking and a similar language to Príncipe. When you respect the music as it is, in its entirety, and you work wholeheartedly, then everybody wins – the label, the artist and the music world. After Lit City it will be a homecoming as I intend to release my fifth EP on Príncipe.



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