DJ Lilocox e DJ Maboku celebrados no Moomba+.
Cliquem na imagem abaixo para ler em contexto e ouvir música deles.

DJ Lilocox and DJ Maboku celebrated by Moomba+.
Click image to read in context and listen to some of their joint music productions.


There’s something special happening today when it comes to music around our beautiful ever changing planet. A gorgeous musical essence, that pulls your heart into a sea of emotion. This musical splendor is so powerful, that it literally grips your heart firmly until it has been slowly infused with its global divinity. Kuduro, Kizomba, Tarraxo, Zouk, Afro, are the sounds of Africa, the sounds of Angola and the future of global bass! Two unique individuals are taking the roots and authenticity of Angola and infusing it with today’s electronic dance music creating rhythms that are truly remarkable! These two are the future and known none other than Dj Lilocox & Dj Mabooku. Track after track they are making myself and hopefully others see the spectacular evolution in music!



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