NIAGARA among Dance Tracks Of The Week on SPIN

Destaque para a mix de Niagara no Astral Plane!
Cliquem na imagem abaixo para ouvir e ler em contexto!

Niagara’s mix for The Astral Plane highlighted! Click image to listen and read in context!


By Philip Sherburne

Lisbon’s Príncipe label has been widely recognized for the Afro-Portuguese innovations of artists like DJ Marfox, Nigga Fox, and the Piquenos DJs do Guetto and Blacksea Não Maya crews, but there’s another side to the imprint: The chunky, squelchy, slightly quizzical techno and acid house of Photonz and Niagara. Niagara’s Ouro Este EP, from last year, trotted out tape-warped piano chords, oily analog synths, and cut-up disco samples in a way reminiscent of twisted traditionalists like Legowelt or the M>O>S label; now the trio gets even weirder on a 45-minute mixtape of all-original material for the Astral Plane. From an intro of Knife-like steel-drum synths and scabby drums, they progress through mooing cows, sullen square-wave bass bleats, shaken-filament wibble, and dub’s kicked-amplifier spring reverb; along the way we get spindly Larry Heard bass arpeggios, dreamy New Age keyboards, down-pitched LinnDrum hits, and scads of déjà vu vocals — snippets of voices you know you’ve heard before but can’t quite place. Despite their predilection for the lo-fi and lysergic, it’s not nearly as dark as this type of broken-down machine music often is; instead, the chaos is permeated with an almost childlike sensibility, like a closet door opening to unleash a flood of rubber balls.



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