DJ MARFOX on SPIN’s Dance Tracks Of The Week

DJ Marfox comentado a propósito do seu EP na Lit City Trax. Cliquem no scan abaixo para ouvir e ler em contexto.

Catch these words on DJ Marfox and his EP for Lit City Trax. Click scan to read in context and listen.


By Philip Sherburne

When Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas put together his recent “Trancework” mix — a set of footwork remixes of trance classics like Paul van Dyk’s “For an Angel” and ATB’s “9pm (‘Til I Come)” — perhaps he had something DJ Marfox’s “Terra Batida” in mind. The drums are the sort of loping, “Dem Bow”-ish batida (the instrumental form of kuduro) that we’ve come to expect from the Lisbon producer, but the synths are pure, early-’90s rave, triumphant as the steam whistle on the Trance Europe Express.

As far as the footwork connection goes, you read that right: Marfox’s new record comes out on none other than New York’s Lit City Trax, home to records from Traxman, DJ Spinn, and, of course, the late, lamented DJ Rashad. Marfox hasn’t gone footwork, however; the majority of the cuts here follow the 140-bpm template of his Príncipe recordings. “Noise” marries shrieking guiros to overblown techno kicks; “Lucky Punch” and “Banda 52” are riots of tuned percussion and snapping snare work; and “Beat and Break” deploys more of those ’90s-inspired rave synths. “Heartbeat,” meanwhile, is a 98-bpm tarraxinha whose sad, soft-edged synthesizers recall his label-mate Visionist’s sentimentalist grime.



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