DAZED in LISBON: digital version

GRANDE cena. A Dazed & Confused escreve sobre “alguma da melhor música de dança no mundo” feita em LISBOA, AGORA. Artigo fantástico de Charlie Robin Jones c/ grande trabalho video e de fotografia por André Puertas Oliveira e Renato Santos. Cliquem no cabeçalho abaixo para aceder ao artigo completo. Esta é a versão longa do artigo publicado na versão física da revista em Abril.

This is a BIG one. Dazed & Confused talks about “some of the best dance music in the world” done in LISBOA, NOW. Fantastic piece by Charlie Robin Jones w/ great video and photo work by André Puertas Oliveira and Renato Santos. Click header below to access the full piece. This was physically published in edited form last April.


Words by Charlie Robin Jones
Photography by Renato Santos

At 2am, it’s relatively sedate inside the small room where Noite Principe has been held for the last two years. Central Lisbon and suburban kids keep a respectful distance from each another. The mixing is brisk and the rhythms sound more fun and less avant-garde than they do in isolation. This is community music – beats made for block-wide parties where people come together. Beats made to knit different groups into one proud thumping whole. Dancing circles emerge from the crowd then disperse. Couples meet and cop off. One dude is asleep in the corner, another is splayed against a wall. Every other kid seems to be Marfox’s buddy. After he takes the stage at 4:30am, it’s easily the most gone crowd I’ve ever seen: a group of people experiencing something beyond catharsis or euphoria, something collective and eternal. Afterwards we leave, drained. As Nigga Fox said earlier: “It can’t fail. It won’t fail. I’ll work for it and I won’t fail.”
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Famifox and Firmeza



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