PITCHFORK was in town

Andy Beta esteve na cidade e deu uma boa vista de olhos. Estas são as palavras! Cliquem no scan abaixo para ler o artigo.

Andy Beta was in town to party with us and he had a good look around. These are the words! Click scan below to read in context.

PITCHFORK electric fling

By Andy Beta

A compact car drives past and a 20-year-old producer under the name of DJ Puto Márcio emerges, wearing a Family Guy sweater with Brian Griffin’s face on it. His crew, Tia Maria Produções, released their first EP earlier this month. It’s entitled Tá Tipo Já Não Vamos Morrer, which roughly translates as We Are Not Gonna Die No More. “When I was younger I danced at parties,” he tells me via translator, looking down at the ground. “In a courtyard, on the futbol field, on the street, or spaces on the floor of buildings—there was a PA and a DJ, and people would bring their own drinks and dance.”
He didn’t know that most of the beats propelling these parties came from Marfox, but once he “started consciously listening to Marfox,” he began making his own beats. There’s not much fame or money to be made as a new artist about to play his first DJ set at the Príncipe Discos night at a club called Musicbox, but for Márcio, it’s a glimmer of hope in a future that otherwise has few prospects. “I’m not really sure what else I could’ve done or can do now,” he says. “This was the best opportunity I had so far. Music leaves me more relaxed.”
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