NIDIA MINAJ: mix and Q&A for DAZED

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DAZED nidia

By Charlie Robin Jones

How’s it going today?

Nídia Minaj: I’m doing OK, thank God. I’m on school holidays so I woke up pretty late. I was cleaning the house and listening to music.

What’s in the mix? 

Nídia Minaj: On this mix, there’s only good music. It has a few tracks that are still unreleased.

What’s your personal approach to producing?

Nídia Minaj: I think it comes about because I’m a girl and I never came across another girl that makes the same type of music that I make, tarraxinha, kuduro, etc.. The way of playing out, mixing the samples, it’s not the same.

Can you tell us about that the best party you played? 

Nídia Minaj: I haven’t played a lot of parties. But I’d say it was when I played at Jameson Urban Routes Festival at Musicbox in Lisbon which was the first time I played actually. It was cool. I loved it, loved it. I still remember that day as if it was today.

You were still at school when you produced your first album. Where you still at school when you made this EP? Do your teachers and friends know you make awesome music? 

Nídia Minaj: Yes, I was still at school and I am still at school. Some of them know but I don’t have a lot of relationships with the people from my school.

You have a great name – can you tell us something about it? And why are you so inspired by Nicki? 

Nídia Minaj: Lol! First of all I apologize to Nicki for using the same name as her but I love that diva. I say that Nicki inspires me because she is on my opinion the best female rapper, that can sing better and is having more success than others because there’s a lot of rappers out there but she’s number one and she is respected by many male rappers. I am the only female producer doing what I am doing and I am respected by many producers and DJs that work on the same style that I do.



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