JUNO PLUS Podcast and interview with NIAGARA

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NIAGARA juno podcast

Hi Niagara, how are things? Thanks a lot for doing this mix, what can our readers expect to hear?

Things are fine, we’re very busy! We’ve been working on lots of music and other stuff. The readers can expect a bunch of tracks we made, past and present.

Could you tell us how the three of you came to work together? Were you making music independently prior to the formation of the band?

Some of us had played in other formations before. We started Niagara during one of our birthday parties. We had some old equipment lying around and we figured making music would be a good way to spend some time (together).

How do the three of you approach performance? Is there much improvisation or are you performing songs you have already written?

There is quite a bit of improvisation. But only in the sense that sometimes we figure stuff out as we go along. We usually start playing and figure parts out together.

Is there a clear division of labour between who plays what in Niagara?

There is a more or less habitual set up but nothing is necessarly fixed. We do our music on hardware so there are favorites that some of us have but nothing is set in stone.

How did you come to work with the guys at Príncipe?

The guys from Príncipe have been our friends for a while now. We have played together or worked together in some capacity here and there around Lisbon.

As you are based north of Lisbon in Loures, do you get the chance to perform much in the capital?

We play almost all our gigs in Lisbon. There are not many chances to play out here in the north west.

Your YouTube channel is filled with unreleased material complemented by your own videos. Who in the band is responsible for those?

The videos are a collective effort. But it’s Tó who does the montages and most of the filming. You should also check out our Vimeo channel – it is where we upload most of the stuff now.

There seems to have been something of a stylistic leap between your first single on Príncipe and the most recent outing on From The Depths. Has your sound developed naturally or do you tend to move around all the time?

The stylistic differences kinda happened naturally. Because, the thing is we just do our music and tracks get picked up by folks in order to make coherent records. Really, at any given time, we have tracks that are very different from each other based on the instruments and the ideas we are having or playing with at the time – not to speak of the natural change or evolution that happens when you make more tracks. But we’re really happy we got the chance to put out different kinds of records.

How did the release on From The Depths come around?

Charles (Drakeford) contacted us last year and we sent him some tracks. He came up with the idea to make a two-track EP with “Falcão” and “Mustor”. He had talked to us about From the Depths and his enthusiasm for the record was really cool!

Your latest 12” for Príncipe, Ímpar, has just been released, what were your motivations with these five tracks?

For a while, there had been the idea in the air of a second EP for Príncipe. We showed them a bunch of tracks and we discussed them with the guys. A record started taking shape in those conversations.

Finally you will be playing in London later this month as part of a Príncipe showcase – what should attendees expect?

We’re going to be playing a live set based on hardware. It will be a couple of songs and we try to work through each song giving a lot of movement in each and every sound. We really don’t like when live music sounds really stale and static.



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