FACT Singles Club: “2685” by DJ MARFOX

FACT singles club MARFOX

DJ Marfox – ‘2685’

Chris Kelly: Marfox returns to Príncipe Discos with a hypnotic, flute-looped reminder of why label co-founder Pedro Gomes has said, “They’re going to build a fucking statue of this guy.” (8)

Tayyab Amin: Honestly, this tune is such a problem that I wanna write a letter to my MP about it. The artwork was the first thing to take my breath away. Even loving Príncipe didn’t prepare me for the hand drums, and I don’t think anything could’ve led me to expect that woodwind over crunching percussion. The track is a storm and those isolated moments of flute are the eye, daring you to step in and dance to this. (10)

Aurora Mitchell: Pure euphoria – that beautiful, glistening flute melody sails above everything else and makes you want to be at the heart of a Príncipe Discos party. (8)

Son Raw: This has “what the fuck” factor for days, but just as importantly you can instantly MOVE to it, the syncopation and counter-rhythms never undercutting the propulsion. I’m always wary of “discovered” underground scenes, since the potential for exploitation and co-opting is rife on all sides, but Príncipe has been doing a brilliant job at promoting batida and this Marfox track feels like a Rashad moment where outside influence strengthens a sound instead of diluting it. DJs, ignore this at your peril. (9)

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: It’s interesting to hear something cluttered with polyrhythms from different worlds and an almost incidental pulse driving it onward, and have it be so precise. That’s Marfox’s gift: to make the chaotic glimmer without losing its anarchy, to the point it’s fine enough for him to marinate in it a minute too long. (7)

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