DJ LYCOX’s Noite Príncipe set highlighted by PITCHFORK

Words by Philip Sherburne

DJ Lycox – Noite Príncipe @ Musicbox

Though he’s based in Paris these days, DJ Lycox hails from Lisbon, Portugal; as a member of the Tia Maria Produções crew, he represents a rising generation of batida producers coming up behind artists like DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox, who put the proudly local Afro-Lusophone style on the international map. This set serves as a kind of homecoming: It was recorded at one of the monthly parties hosted by Príncipe Discos, the label that’s acted as an emissary to get this stuff out into the wider world. If you’ve been following batida, the sound of Lycox’s music will be familiar—he emphasizes the same kinds of loping hand percussion, knotty polyrhythms, and loopy synth riffs as his peers—but it’s a special treat to hear it in the context of a DJ set. Hearing track after track of ricocheting beats begins to take on a kaleidoscopic effect: The elements stay more or less the same, but they’re jumbled anew every few bars. And if your ears happen to perk up toward the end, when he teasingly drops an all-too-short snippet of a “Bad and Boujee” remix, fear not: You can hear the entirety of his Migos rework right here, in all its triplet-riddled glory.



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