P025 – RS PRODUÇÕES – Bagdad Style

Vinyl 12″ / Digital
Written and produced by DJ Narciso & Nuno Beats;
Mastered by Tó Pinheiro da Silva, Artwork by Márcio Matos;
Released September, 2018;

VINYL/DIGITAL: Order from us

A1 – Caipirinha
A2 – Constipação Do Poco
A3 – Guerreiro
A4 – Lingrinhas
B1 – Atrevimento
B2 – Futuro
B3 – Abertura
B4 – Hino RS


RS (Rinchoa Stress) began in 2014 as a group of close friends, even before they started producing. The warm shout-outs in closing anthem “Hino RS” reveal the affection they feel for each other, just after the main melodic hook gets going. Things got serious in 2016 when Narciso, then 17, decided to take production seriously and relaunched RS as a proper crew with DJs (himself, Nuno, Nulo and Lima), producers (himself, Nuno and Farucox) and MC (Pimenta).

Out of “Bagdad” (Rinchoa, Rio de Mouro), in under 2 years, RS made a name for themselves with tight, across the board grooves, working melody and metal beats with equal proficiency. “Caipirinha” and “Constipação Do Poco” adopt a more muscular batida architecture and rave on with proper metallic cargaa; “Guerreiro” brings out a brilliant, dissonant main motive, defying some rules of melody and timbre; a string of semi-tarraxos follows: “Lingrinhas” and “Atrevimento” insist on the “wrong” side of melody in less than 2 minutes each and, at 2:04, “Futuro” slows down even more in a reflective mood while all around everything appears to be falling apart (listen closely to the explosions in the distance); on to the longer stretch of “Abertura”, a house number where every element seems to follow its own independent course, carefully placed in a separate track, all moving in the same direction. Narciso and Nuno layed down all compositions here, teaming up as the core producers of RS, growing up post DJs Di Guetto (2006 – see our timeline elsewhere on the web) and into the crew’s now regular gigs at Príncipe’s monthly residency (@Musicbox, Lisbon).

Vinyl 12″; individually hand-painted, hand-stamped copies available for the world.


Narciso e Nuno Beats são o núcleo de produção, aqui, numa crew que tem talento adicional no MC Pimenta, DJ Nulo e Farucox. Da Bagdad das notícias nacionais, ali na Rinchoa, afinam o seu estilo eclético, no ponto, tão fácil com house como tarraxo e variações entre e para além desses estilos mais reconhecíveis. Ressonância metálica em muitas das batidas, criando climas mais impessoais, industriais e tesos. “Bagdad Style” vem na força de várias actuações de membros da crew, sobretudo Narciso, nas noites Príncipe no Musicbox, em Lisboa, ainda e sempre – desde 2012 – um centro de pesquisas que a editora utiliza para observar esta música incrível em acção e que os DJs / produtores utilizam para testar bombas e subir as skills de nível em território neutro. Nova Outra Lisboa.
Flur, September 2018

RS Produções are the next, thrilling young unit to emerge from Lisbon’s fertile club scene via Príncipe. Produced by core members DJ Narciso and Nuno Beats, ‘Bagdad Style’ supplies a crisply rugged, bittersweet taste of the crew’s hyperlocal sound, spanning electro-compatible Batida bangers alongside wonky, slower semi-tarraxos and deep, wavey house mutations. If you were snagged by Príncipe’s P. Adrix, DJ Lilocox and Niagara releases already in 2018, we guarantee this one’s unmissable. Formed in 2014 as a close group of pals from Rinchoa, Rio de Mouro, on the edges of Lisbon, RS Produções grew wings when, in 2016, a then 17 year old Narciso knuckled down and relaunched RS as a proper crew with DJs, producers and an MC in the same model as pivotal Lisbon posse, Piquenos DJs Do Guetto. The crew have since become regular fixtures at Príncipe’s famous monthly residency in Lisbon’s Musicbox club, and their debut showcase is certain to send them spinning around the globe.

The EP is fronted by two unmissable Batida heaters from DJ Narciso in the bare bones electro percussion of ‘Caipirinha’ and the kinked metallic cargaa of ‘Constipacao do Poco’, before the slinky interplay of dissonant organ riffs and flighty pipes in ‘Guerreiro’ highlights a wicked taste for sour, battery-tang lixx that comes to inform the rest of the EP, courtesy of Nuno Beats’ slower tarraxo styles in ‘Lingrinhas’ and the super wavey spesh, ‘Futuro’, while Nuno & Narciso come together with ruder, uptempo torque in the hypnotic electro-house swang of ‘Aberturu’ and the sensuous deep Kuduro contours of ‘Hino RS’, which should leave listeners in no doubt as to the duo’s breadth and quality of club music.
Boomkat, September 2018


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