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DJ Nigga Fox ‘Música da Terra’ (Príncipe)

The Príncipe mainstay’s latest EP is a typically propulsive four-tracker, riding an erratic pulse of clattering percussion, haywire rhythms and throbbing bass. ‘Madeso’ is a disorientating and angular opening; ‘Gás Natural’ feels like an attack of tropical birds, pairing sharp cries with whooshing wind swipes; DJ Firmeza collab ‘Sanzaleiro’ is as filled with ideas as you’d expect from two genius producers working in tandem; and closer ‘Sasuke’ hits contrasts hard acid bass with unsettled rhythms.


‘Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes’ from Nidia is our pick as this album covers so much we love for all of us; it’s a touchstone for all our different tastes. Start to finish brilliance; Nidia delivers consistently surprising rhythmic patterns embedded in sometimes reflective, sometimes enlivening compositions. The album manages to be spacious yet complex, tense but unconcerned – gliding through 2020 in a way most of us haven’t.

All Hands On Deck is Manchester’s regular open-deck party to allow women, trans and non-binary people to try their hands at DJing out in a low-pressure, all welcoming, and inclusive environment.


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6. Nídia
Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes (Príncipe)

Brilliantly inventive, Lisbon/Bordeaux-based producer Nídia’s crafted a formidable combination of dance music and soul in second album Nao Fales Nela Que A Mentes. Across the album, she explored Afro-Portuguese dance music and percussions, as well as showcasing the growing maturity of her production style and influences. For example, the album’s intro weaves a melancholic, driving beats with silence. Elsewhere, ‘Popo’ moves through the sensibilities of trap, bouncing alongside waves of traditional Egyptian instrumentals, whilst ‘Capacidades’ invokes feelings of joy and nostalgia, all of which feeds into the final fanfare of ‘Emotions’. In just twenty-nine minutes, Nídia sustains, and effortlessly nods at, a wide range of sounds, creating a sensational album along the way.


Words: Dave Turner

From the very first moment of pressing play on NÍDIA’s new album, you’re suddenly hit with a wave of clattering drum-ridden angst. Now that might not seem like the most desired of feelings given the circumstances at the time of writing, but I can promise there is fun and joy wound in the intense club-focused deconstructions. ‘Nik Com’, for example, stutters with bright, jangly chords, ‘Tarraxo Do Guetto’ is charged with telephone-like bleeps and ‘Capacidades’ comes through in the vein of a big budget mid-00s rap production. Album closer ‘Emotions’, with its blaring horns, feels like an OG grime instrumental and is a regal bowing out of a stunning album.


Words: Jordan Darville

“Capacidades” is by far the most accessible song on Nidia’s wonderful new album Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes. Since her debut in 2015, the Portugeuse producer has matched the critical acclaim for her original compositions with her DJ skills, and “Capacidades” thuds with the life of an illicit party. The snappy, crystal chords of the lead melodies are the perfect contrast to the horns and chopped-up samples of a worked-up selector; no post-quarantine rave will be complete without it.