Words by Duncan Harrison

Alma Do Meu Pai translates roughly as ‘soul of my father’ – this track and its accompanying EP were dedicated to Firmenza’s late parent. Having picked up the tricks of the trade from Batida godfather DJ Nervoso, the 20-year-old producer turned in this focused mantra-like opus for Príncipe. Twitching polyrhythmic beat patterns stretching across six minutes of spirited energy, this was Firmenza’s first proper release for the imprint and it proved that we’ll be talking about Lisbon’s outer-regions for many years to come.


artwork by Márcio Matos

Puto Márcio abre a noite e prepara o terreno para um regresso emotivo de Photonz às noites Príncipe. DJ Nigga Fox encerra e bate forte, já sabem. Festa no  Musicbox na baixa lisboeta.

Puto Márcio from Tia Maria Produções paves the way for the return of the mighty Photonz to Noite Príncipe. Expect extra emotion. Then DJ Nigga Fox picks up and hits hard, you know that. Party at Musicbox in downtown Lisbon.

Noite Principe Nov 2015


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By Duncan Harrison

As long as Principe stay closely in tune to that ethos of authenticity then we might never be able to put the “Principe sound” down on paper. That is what is worth celebrating and that is what other imprints could learn from. It’s an exercise in focus as much as it is an exercise in curation. Even after years of releasing and a pioneering legacy, this quiet revolution might have only just begun.