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Director: Afonso Mota

No doubt what has been happening in the ghetto’s and suburbs of Lisbon is some of the most exciitng music anywhere, and record label Príncipe has been instrumental in helping present the scene to the wider world for the last decade across a continuing body of work of killer after killer releases. So it’s with great honour for us to host to two special peformances from Blacksea Não Maya & RS PRODUÇÕES.

RS (Rinchoa Stress) began in 2014 as a group of close friends, even before they started producing. Things got serious in 2016 when Narciso, then 17, decided to take production professionally and relaunched RS as a proper crew with DJs (himself, Nuno, Nulo and Lima), producers (himself, Nuno and Farucox) and MC (Pimenta). In less than 2 years, RS Produções have made a name for themselves with tight, across-the-board grooves and working melody and metal beats with equal proficiency. Post their debut EP “Bagdad Style” on Príncipe a couple years ago, regular club gigs and an inspiringly active Youtube account have made them one of the most charismatic and sought channels for young groups in the network.