Words by Etienne

Depuis quelques d’années, un nouveau phénomène musical commence à émerger des profondeurs de la capitale portugaise, imbibé des sonorités de la communauté angolaise domiciliant dans les quartiers populaires. Portant le doux nom de Batida, ce mouvement condense les énergies du kuduro et du tarraxinha, s’harmonisant avec les tonalités de la bass music, de la house, de la drum’n’bass et du grime. Un mix sauvage dont l’appellation, sans réelle traduction, se rapproche d’une expression désignant les battements du cœur lors d’un choc violent ! Venue du ghetto, la batida a déjà contaminé les clubs de Lisbonne, via le label Principe Discos, étendard du mouvement qui rassemble cette nouvelle génération de producteurs.

Des artistes comme l’excellent Dj Marfox s’exportent en France, pour des soirées à Lyon ou à Paris. On croise aujourd’hui Nidia Minaj au Berghain et Dj Nigga Fox en Pologne, etc. Mais le travail de ces pionniers s’accompagnent d’une recherche visuel qui n’est l’objet que d’un seul homme ; Márcio Matos. Auteur d’absolument tous les artworks des projets de Principe Discos, l’artiste les aborde dans un style en noir et blanc très épuré, en personnifiant selon ses émotions lors de l’écoute et selon les liens qu’il entretient avec eux, chacune des créations. Tous les exemplaires sont réalisés de sa main, dans un artisanat en lien avec cette indépendance revendiquée du label, qui va jusqu’à organiser ses propres soirées sur Lisbonne. Connaissant les artistes personnellement, il aborde chaque visuel selon la personnalité de l’artiste, en essayant de se « connecteur avec eux ». Un rapport à l’intime qui sculpte chaque disque.


Here are the 10 greatest EPs of 2016, according to Crack Magazine.


The batida OG returned to the Príncipe shelves this year for a typically savage outing of industrial clomp and genre-spinning dynamism. Framed as a “return to his roots”, the EP ranges from the frenetic panpipe pandemonium of 2685 to the mellow pulse of Tarraxo Everyday. Symbolic of Marfox’s commitment to finding new shapes and contor- tions from the styles and methods he finds, Chapa Quente is an irresistible victory lap from a modern godfather.



For the debut Príncipe compilation, founders of the scene presented their work alongside newer figures like Safari and Dadifox. The tightly locked grooves, clipped Afrobeat syncopations and raw cut-and-paste sampling were all emblematic of “the Príncipe sound”, but the stylistic range on display here painted a more rounded picture – an ensemble cast of outsiders no longer defined by hallmark idiosyncrasies, growing into their own ever-evolving method and dismantling influences to form a culture which is theirs.



This Angolan-born, Lisbon-based producer makes people move. Rogério is the name in his passport, but as DJ NIGGA FOX he reminds us that the world of passports and borders makes little sense. His music takes you to places you didn’t even know existed, and you don’t need permission to make yourself feel right at home.

We love your music. What’s your secret to making it sound so good?

What would you do if you became the mayor of Lisbon?
I’d add a fountain to every park in Lisbon and I would allow noise until 2AM, at home and out in the streets.

What are your thoughts on money?
You can’t do much without it. It doesn’t bring happiness, but it helps.

Sex with the ex?
I think it’s a really good idea to rekindle the flame if it’s a recent ex, but if there isn’t any type of conversation left, then it’s not worth it.

Are you comfortable waking up early?
Only if I go to bed early.

When were you last tempted to tell a lie?
When I skipped class at school.

If you had to spend the rest of your life on an island and you could only choose one dish to eat every day, what would it be?
Bacalhau com natas: codfish with cream.

Would you rather be a documentary filmmaker or a cartoonist?
Cartoonist. I think it would be more fun.

What is the highest art form in your opinion?
Music, cinema, painting and sculpture.

Do you see yourself staying up all night to finish an interesting book?
For a book: no. To finish a piece of music: yes.

Do you make a lot of noise?
When I’m making music, yes.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a slave to love?
I was a slave to love with my first girlfriend. Sometimes it’s good to be a slave to love, because that way you are more likely to learn from your mistakes, so you can avoid making them again.

Would you say you have a forgiving heart?
Oh, I’m soft. Too soft.

Brunette or blonde?

What makes you cry?
When I see misery, people taking each other’s lives, a death in the family… I’m way too sensitive.

If you had a child, what is the one character trait you would like him/her to inherit?
My kindness.

The Beatles or The Stones?

What’s your favourite place in the world?
My home. But I’d love to go to Brazil.

What’s worth fighting for?
In my case, I’d say I fight for my dream which is music.


artwork by Márcio Matos

Regresso de DJ Marfox e Niagara à nossa residência, junto com outros habituais mais júnior como DJ Ary e DJ NinOo. Sempre na procura, programámos a estreia na Noite Príncipe de DJ Tonilson, um dos nomes incluídos no CD “Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo” com o nome DJ TL.
Festa no  Musicbox na baixa lisboeta.

Return of DJ Marfox and Niagara to our residency, along with junior staples DJ Ary and DJ NinOo. Always on the lookout, we’re bringing DJ Tonilson for his debut at Musicbox. He recorded as DJ TL one of the 23 tracks included on the “Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo” CD.
Party at Musicbox in downtown Lisbon.