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By Angus Finlayson

As could be expected, Malucos De Raiz is vibrant and slippery. Tempos duck and dive, dropping to 100 BPM for a couple of seductive tarraxo numbers. “Safadas Da Noite” is particularly arresting, its slinky beat cloaked in sinister reverb. Melodic moments sometimes stand out, as with “CDM A Comandar”‘s fidgety marimba line, or the synth-horn that hammers away at a single note on Maboku’s brilliant “Laranjas.” Mostly, though, the drums—those rolling, gravity-defying grooves that make the Lisbon sound so distinctive—steal the show.

Nidia Minaj is something of an outlier, having moved from Lisbon to Bordeaux when she was 14. Her style, as represented on Danger’s eight colourful tracks, exists in its own parallel world. With the exception of the tumbledown “Aidin,” rhythm takes a back seat to synth work: pristine chords “Afro Master,” weird, rubbery leads on “Estúdio Da Mana Na Casa,” weepy synth-strings on “Sentimentos.” Structures can be volatile, and Minaj often sets up strange, unstable combinations. “Mambos Fudiz”‘s neck-snapping beat contrasts with the slivers of trance synth hovering uneasily up top. On the darker “Limite,” similar synths take on almost Hoover-like qualities. These elements are brought together most effectively on “Puto Iuri,” but it’s equally fun listening to them jostle for supremacy elsewhere.


P007 FRONT P007 side A (475x478) (2)

Vinyl 12″ / Digital
Written and produced by DJ Lilocox, DJ Maboku
Mastered by Tó Pinheiro da Silva, Artwork by Márcio Matos;

VINYL/DIGITAL: Order from us

A1 – DJ LILOCOX + DJ MABOKU – Safadas da Noite
A3 – DJ LILOCOX + DJ MABOKU – Viemos do Congo
A4 – DJ LILOCOX – To Ligado

B1 – DJ MABOKU – Laranjas
B2 – DJ LILOCOX – No Momento
B3 – DJ LILOCOX – Grito das Crianças


Maboku and Lilocox make up CDM, an offshoot of PDDG (Piquenos Djs Do Guetto). It’s a production team already developed in the days of Príncipe’s now legendary monthly residency at the Musicbox club in downtown Lisbon. Their back-to-back DJ sets, strongly built around their own productions, bridge any gap between straight jungle kuduro and a personal interpretation of house. However, it’s all the things in between that never fail to impress. Watch for the unheard.

The EP starts off with the traditional slow jam referred to as Tarraxo. Suggestive moaning gives way to the heavy heavy sound of percussion. You have to feel it especially after the break, when an all-powerful reverb increases the punch. Godamn!
“CDM A Comandar” showcases the classic batida and marimba dialogue. It’s synthetic Africa deliciously shot through the heads of both producers into our receiving hands and feet;
“Viemos Do Congo” unveils a bit more of Africa with tribal drums and a tense harmonica-like melodic hook that ends only too soon. Killer jungle groove;
Lilocox is left alone for “To Ligado”, a relentless piece of batida with his trademark deep bottom-end. This goes on like a juggernaut;
“Laranjas” (“Oranges”, go figure) is Maboku’s party tune, horn stabs picking up and not letting go. Pure Cargaa for the dancefloor;
“No Momento” sounds like the ultimate avant-garde batida. Fat bass drum, crashing hi-hats and hanging bells, all commanded by Lilocox’s otherwordly rhythmic sense;
Another slow jam at the end: “Grito Das Crianças” plays percussion against percussion, it follows a jacking path before adding melancholy with some lamenting horns. Someone needs to party but feels too introspective to get the gas really going. Catch all the breaks if you can.

Vinyl 12″ individually hand-painted, hand-stamped.


Beamin’ straight outta Lisbon, CDM shake out a ruffneck ghetto sound for the good of your glutes. Following their contribution to Príncipe 005, Maboku and Lilocox, a.k.a. CDM, traverse the tempo scale over seven succinct piece; from pelting, NRGetic kuduro to the slow, bubblin’ style of tarraxo armed with bold percussions, rude samples and stark dub FX. A firm sign of any great * new* music lies in its ability to physically make you move differently, and we’re having loads of fun finding new shuffles for the marimba laced dip of ‘CDM A Comandar’ or finding a way thru the gauntlet of batida drums in ‘To Ligado’ or the mad, Miami Bass-like pressure of ‘No Momento’. We cannot wait to hear these out on a big soundsystem. Big tip!!
Boomkat, February 2015

After their long-standing involvement in Príncipe’s residency at Lisbon’s popular Musicbox night club, local DJ duo Casa Da Mãe Produções, short CDM, present their first release on the Portuguese label. Following the imprint’s multicultural tradition and reflecting Lisbon’s rich experimental dance music scene, the duo take rhythmical elements from Angolan music – that found their way into the Portuguese capital via imperialism – and mix these styles such as kuduro, batida and tarraxo with the cosmopolitan aesthetics of cheap drum machine sounds. Overdriven kicks conjure up low-fi claps, swirling congos stumble over low-frequencies in this genre-defying, high-energy mix.
Bleep, February 2015


A revista I Heart dedica o seu número 18 à cidade de Lisboa e a Príncipe tem capa! Desde a esquerda, todos os três Blacksea Não Maya (DJs Noronha, Perigoso e Kolt), DJ Nigga Fox, DJ Lilocox (ao fundo); à frente, a apontar, DJ Firmeza e DJ Marfox; DJ Maboku atrás deles e, à direita, dois terços de Niagara. Cliquem na imagem para comprar a revista.

I Heart Magazine reaches #18 in its city-centered publication. Lisbon this time! We were graced with the cover, featuring, from the left, all three Blacksea Não Maya (DJs Noronha, Perigoso and Kolt), DJ Nigga Fox, DJ Lilocox (at the back); front line, and pointing, DJ Firmeza and DJ Marfox; DJ Maboku behind them and, far right, 2 thirds of Niagara. Click image below to buy.