Artwork by Márcio Matos



2. Puto Tito – Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas (2LP)

My word. The newest signing to Principe gives us tracks from when he was just 14. Heavy, uncompromising mechanical, tropical rhythms that push you from side to side & don’t let go. Possibly the finest release on this amazing label.


Words by: Mr P

Puto Tito
Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas

Recorded throughout 2014-15 in the low-stakes context of a bedroom producer barely into his teens, Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas is a blazing document of a geographically-defined sound retrieved by Príncipe from the borderless scrapgrounds of SoundCloud. The Angola-born, Lisbon-based Puto Tito — still only 19 — joyrides the pulse of his Portuguese contemporaries and catalyzes its idiosyncratic mutation through jerky tones and rhythmic fuckery, outré squiggles and disconnected thuds, producer tags and claps clapping a hair too early. This is “deadpan tarraxo” for the empty dance floors of Segundo Torrão, life loaded behind the back, bodies arching and contorting and discovering new poses.