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By Duncan Harrison

As long as Principe stay closely in tune to that ethos of authenticity then we might never be able to put the “Principe sound” down on paper. That is what is worth celebrating and that is what other imprints could learn from. It’s an exercise in focus as much as it is an exercise in curation. Even after years of releasing and a pioneering legacy, this quiet revolution might have only just begun.


artwork by Márcio Matos

K30 & DJ Wayne continuam a fazer subir a fervura para o nome da Txiga transbordar na praça ainda antes do final do ano. Puto Márcio actualiza a forte vibração Tia Maria e Nigga Fox faz “O Incrível Nigga Fox”. Festa no  Musicbox na baixa lisboeta.

K30 & DJ Wayne keep the pressure high so that the name of Txiga will overflow before year’s end. Puto Márcio updates the strong Tia Maria vibe and Nigga Fox does “The Incredible Nigga Fox”. Come party at  Musicbox in downtown Lisbon.



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MOUV Marfox

Par Sébastien Sabiron

Loin du fado traditionnel et des clubs pour touristes, une nouvelle fièvre électronique s’empare de la capitale portugaise. Ce mélange de bass music et de rythmes africains est né dans les banlieues pauvres de Lisbonne. Rencontre avec DJ Marfox, le chef de file du mouvement.
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